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selling out by raocow selling out by raocow
S. hit B. on the head with a large hammer for some reason.


You know, the subject of 'selling out' sometimes crops up when different artists are talking or whatever - how one modifies his or her work in order to comply with institution (or individual I guess) in order to make money. As an artist, though, to me it was never an actual fear... I always figured that I wouldn't have any trouble, ah, 'not selling out'.

Then it dawned on me why.

I think that I cannot make an art that sells... I have a somewhat distinct style of work, as some of you have told with in the last month or so that I have been uploading things on dA. Thing is, often what is 'interesting' isn't what people want.

I know it's a shallow thing to think, but sometimes I do find it frustrating to work hard on an image and barely have any recognition for it, whereas other works, who seem so much simpler and without, pardon the snobism, so much less... art-worth-ness.

Thus on a lark I tried my hand at making a more 'commercial' image. Holy shit did I fail. (see above?)

I tried to do a variant of anime, the oft' seen 'chibi' style, or super-deformed, or whatever. And... wow. At every single stroke of either pen or tablet dealy I had to resist over-texturing anything. I had to erase residual lines that I tend to leave, making the image look even further... empty... thing.

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here. I think... I think some people are just uncompatible to selling out. Then again, one could use the same argument to try to convince I'm just not a good artist thing.


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AnusBeefLOL Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2010
DA is not a good place to look for people who honestly give a shit about art. Want lots of views on DA? Draw Cloud and Sephiroth smooching, draw furries, draw half-snake mpreg, draw the Touhou characters as if they weighed 300 kilos.

I would highly recommend ConceptArt instead.
ittoryu24 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007
waste of time, the important is what u feel when draw something.
raocow Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007
Oh, I know, I know, this was a parody of the genre, I was trying to mock what is popular here on dA - although I guess it's closer to satire or something... eh.

Though I have to admit, it WAS fun to draw..
ittoryu24 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007
yes it is!
ultema Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2007
There is an insane snowball effect that I've seen here on DA. most really popular things are fan art. Galleries filled with it. At some point, said fan art gallery is watched by so many fanboys and girls, they don't even look at the image and fight over "first comment" and just favorite things. At that point, the artist can post anything and I mean anything and it will end up on the front page because of people like that. You can't really blame the artist (well you can, but still :P ) so much as the system that's used, and the people that use it. People on here don't tend to find anything involving original characters ( let alone unique styles) interesting except for a small niche crowd , and even if they do, what's the chance of seeing it? The amount of work that gets uploaded here is absolutely staggering, and it all gets lost in the shuffle.

Sometimes you get lucky (though I'm thinking of some of the realistic painters on here, to be honest...), upload one image and a whole flock of people come to you. Most of the time you don't. I've been on here since October of '02 and I only broke 10k late last year. It seems things are slowly starting to pick up for me, but it's a struggle. I have one piece of fan art in my gallery and it has over 200 favorites, while the most one of my other pieces has is probably 60. Most of those 200 were within the first couple of months :P It has less than half that amount of comments, however. :shrug:

I guess people are going to like what they like and we can't change that no matter how stupid we think it is, either. People who downright copy styles of other artists seem to be more highly praised through sheer number than those who are working towards their own. To me, I like the quality of feedback I get from my watchers so the numbers I don't care about so much, but it IS depressing to work on something for a good amount of time and maybe get 10 comments (20 when I end up responding to them :P ). Le sigh.

Your best bet is to be pimping yourself out on the forums with your work, get yourself some watchers and hope for quality over quantity.

Also; image - haha mindless violence. Bet you a buck if that were Naruto and Sasuke or whatever the hell their names are, you'd have more comments and faves ;P
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April 2, 2007
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